Lviv tour in a retro car “Shpatser Cab”

For those who want everything and at once we offer Lviv rendezvous in the vintage car. Our electric car is a replica of the famous Ford T 1915, so the stories about the past century in it will sound even more authentic. We will explore the central part of the city and get acquainted with the surrounding areas. We will take a ride to the New World (Novyi Svit) – a picturesque secession district of Lviv, which preserves gorgeous houses, as well as the secrets of their former inhabitants. We will end the journey near the Potocki Palace. During the tour, our guide will tell you about all the exciting and incredible stories that took place on our route.   After the tour, its guests will have a small photoshoot and a pleasant surprise from our excursion bureau.   “Shpatser Cab” offers more than a regular tour. It is an adventure, a good mood, pleasant emotions and a vivid photo report!  
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Duration: 1,0 hour

Price: 700 UAH for cab/ 7 persons

Available languages: UA, RU, EN, DEU, PL, FR, IT

Lviv unique guided tour “In The Footsteps Of Literary Lviv”

Lviv is not about chocolate and coffee alone. In 2015, the city gained the status of the UNESCO City of Literature. No wonder, because literature is one of the integral aspects of Lviv's history.   Many famous artists lived, worked, searched for and found inspiration here. They formed various literary groups, experimented with writing styles and involved themselves in passionate literary debates. The walking tour “In The Footsteps Of Literary Lviv” will help you to disclose the important side of the city, which is worth to meet and feel. In the company of our guide, you will take a walk by steps of different writers and discover the places where their most prominent works were born. We will read favorite passages from the works of the great authors and small poems of those whom we will recall during the excursion. The tour can be interactive if visitors will read with us or share about their favorite Lviv authors.  
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Duration: 1,0-3,0 hours

Price: from 250 UAH/hour

Available languages: UA, RU, EN, DEU, PL, FR, IT


Price 400 UAH

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